2ft 10″ Woman Defies Odds To Give Birth | BORN DIFFERENT

2ft 10

2ft 10

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A 2ft 10" WOMAN with brittle bones disease has defied doctors by giving birth to her son. Trisha Taylor, 31, from Idaho was diagnosed at birth with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, after being born with 150 fractured bones. The condition which is more commonly known as Brittle Bones disease, meant that Trisha grew to be just 2ft 10" and it has also caused her to break over 600 bones in her life, some of which broke as a result of her sneezing or falling over. Trisha, who is now raising Maven with her 6ft 1" husband, hopes to inspire others and show that disabled couples can have children of their own.

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Videographer: Jake Kuwana
Producers: Frazer Randalls, Kim Nguyen
Editor: Sebastian Heseltine

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