5 Yr Old Boy Has Ratchet ‘NBA Youngboy’ B-Day Party!! (Party Video)

<div>5 Yr Old Boy Has Ratchet 'NBA Youngboy' B-Day Party!! (Party Video)</div>

A 5 year old boy from Louisiana is going viral this morning, after his parents threw him an NBA Youngboy themed birthday party, MTO News has learned. And Black Twitter is blowing up – calling that party “ratchet” and questioning the boys parents.

Here’s video of the boy rapping and dancing to his favorite rapper. Warning – the song he’s dancing to contains violent and graphic language, including drug use.

The song which the boy is singing is called “Ryte Night.” Here are the lyrics that the 5 year old boy is singing and dancing to:

Demon baby, killin’ sh*t on sight now

Money crazy, stay with least a hunnid thousand

Loaded, n*gga know I’m in his b*tch just like I’m Ben Fields (yeah)

Straight out them trenches but I still be with that sh*t still

I’m out the roof, I’m steady bootin’

I’m off of three pills

And here’s a pictures from the party:

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As soon as videos and pictures from the party leaked online, Black Twitter immediately chimed in.

Here are just a few of the comments from Black Twitter:

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