Angela Yee To Host New Celebrity Interview Series on Fox Soul

Angela Yee To Host New Celebrity Interview Series on Fox Soul
Angela Yee To Host New Celebrity Interview Series on Fox Soul
Angela Yee To Host New Celebrity Interview Series on Fox Soul

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Looks like Charlamagne Tha God isn’t the only Breakfast Club co-host out here making moves outside of the popular morning radio talk show.

According to The New York Post, Angela Yee is preparing to make the move to television as she’s come to an agreement with, wait on it… Fox Soul?!

FOX really trying their best to reach people of color, huh?

Still, we ain’t mad at Angela making this move as she has paid her dues and deserves to shine on prime time. Her new celebrity interview show will be streaming on Fox Soul on Thursdays at 10pm and we’re happy she’s finally getting her shot to show what she’s made of.

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“I hosted a limited series on Fox Soul with Motown and iHeart and it did pretty well,” says Yee, 44. “So James DuBose, the [Fox Soul] head of programming, asked me about doing a one-on-one interview show. I thought it would be a good idea; I’ve obviously done a lot of interviews before and enjoy getting more in-depth and hearing some fun stories and being able to celebrate people.

“So I agreed,” she says. “I came up with the title ‘Established with Angela Yee’ because I really want to celebrate people’s wins and not make it about ‘gotcha’ interviews, but more about milestones and pivotal career moments.”

Yee’s first guest is set to be M-E-T-H-O-D Man which makes sense as she started her path in the industry as an intern for the Wu-Tang Clan back in the day, but she’s hoping to land some more big names that people would love to hear from as well.

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“I am trying to get Lil Kim right now, so I hope that works out,” she says. “I’m picking out people who are iconic in this business. I’m also a Brooklyn girl, so that’s important to me. I want to get Missy Elliot really badly. I think a lot of times we do need to pay tribute to those artists that really have paved the way. It’s not even just the artist — it could be entrepreneurs and business people in the industry.”

Should be a helluva talk show.

As for her future on The Breakfast Club, Angela says she’ll address that when her contract is up for renewal next year.

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Will you be tuning into Angela Yee’s new talk show on Fox Soul? Let us know in the comments.


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