Batwoman Season 2 Set Photos Reveal The Arrowverse’s Batmobile

Batwoman Season 2 Set Photos Reveal The Arrowverse’s Batmobile

Batwoman Season 2 Set Photos Reveal The Arrowverse’s Batmobile
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The new Batwoman has got herself some new wheels. Javicia Leslie is taking over the lead role of The CW’s DC series, following Ruby Rose’s departure after one season, and new character Ryan Wilder is going to be making some changes to the Crimson Knight’s wardrobe and transport. Kate Kane tended to go around on foot, but Ryan’s set to ride through the streets of Gotham in style.

New set photos from filming in Vancouver have revealed our first look at Batwoman‘s new Batmobile. On the whole, fans are reacting positively to the heroine’s sleek set of wheels. Obviously, an Arrowverse Batmobile wasn’t going to be as impressive as something cooked up for The Batman, for example, given its constricted TV budget, but the alterations to the body-work and the red detailing make this a really solid take on the Bat-family vehicle.

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What’s more, an additional image showcased Leslie in costume stepping out of the car. Not only did this reveal another look at the Batmobile, then, but it also unveiled the revamped Batwoman suit. It’s difficult to tell from the angle of the photo, but it looks a lot like Leslie’s Ryan switches Kate’s red wig for a black one. This adds up with previous comments from Leslie, who said that her Batwoman wig would reflect her natural hair.

Previous set photos have seen Leslie in the traditional red wig, so clearly Ryan starts off inheriting Kate’s suit before making it her own. That fits as it will mirror Kate’s own journey in season 1, as she initially wore a more Bruce Wayne-like costume before getting Luke to amend it. Presumably, Ryan will also get Luke to get the Batmobile out of mothballs for her.

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Batwoman season 2 premieres alongside the rest of the Arrowverse series in January on The CW.


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