Batwoman Season 2 Will Reportedly Feature An Obscure Batman Villain

Batwoman Season 2 Will Reportedly Feature An Obscure Batman Villain

Batwoman Season 2 Will Reportedly Feature An Obscure Batman Villain
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With behind-the-scenes shots of Javicia Leslie now emerging, we’re looking forward to seeing what the second season of Batwoman brings us. Details are already emerging about some of the characters and other iconic parts of Batman-lore that are making their way into the series, including that Victor Zsasz is joining the cast. We’re now learning that another, more obscure villain is planned, namely Amygdala.

Daniel Richtman, who has become one of the most prolific sources of insider news in recent weeks, has reported that the Batwoman producers are looking for someone to take on the character. Not one of the most well-known examples of Batman’s rogue’s gallery, Amygdala, aka Aaron Helzinger, had his amygdala cluster removed in an effort to cure him of his rage. However, things went wrong, and Helzinger becomes a brute with superhuman strength and stamina, albeit with low intelligence and a habit of being manipulated by others.

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Since first appearing in the Shadow of the Bat comics in 1992, Amygdala has popped up in various storylines, and has more recently been able to live a somewhat-normal life after responding to treatment. In terms of antagonists for Batwoman, Amygdala makes sense: he’s effectively just a very strong, very angry guy, and is a grounded enough figure to have previously appeared as a supporting player on Gotham.

While we’re not sure how much of a role Helzinger will play in Batwoman, the casting continues the show’s expansion of its relatively limited first year scope. Just some of the names being floated include a member of the League of Assassins, as well as Scarecrow, a returning Hush, and a new crime boss. Plus, the producers will have to find some way around the departure of Ruby Rose as Kate Kane, and how this affects the ongoing involvement of Alice in the action.

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Given the hints that we’ll be seeing a more ambitious Batwoman in its second outing, we’re excited about what new episodes will bring when they arrive in January 2021.