Brazilian Ken Doll Spends $80K On ‘Perfect’ Face | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

Brazilian Ken Doll Spends K On 'Perfect' Face | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

Brazilian Ken Doll Spends K On 'Perfect' Face | HOOKED ON THE LOOK


AN influencer gets called a ‘monster’ for his $80k cosmetic transformation. Júnior Beviláqua is a model from Brazil who has "lost count" of the number of cosmetic procedures he’s had in pursuit of the “perfect look”. He told Truly that he sees himself as the “Brazillian Ken doll” who has “invested” $80,000 so far on his quest to appear ageless. Surgeries he’s undergone have included liposuction, two nose jobs and jaw reconstruction. He has regular monthly top-up procedures for his appearance, including Botox, peels and fillers. Júnior is an “aesthetic influencer” on social media so has to keep up a youthful look for his business. His many followers praise his glamorous look, but he has faced criticism from “haters.” He explained that people call him a “monster, horrible and deformed".

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