Bronzing Serums That’ll Give You a Streak-Free & Sunless Tan

Feeling like your pale skin needs a little help getting sun-kissed? If you’d rather a fake tan than accidentally getting burnt while laying out, we’ve got just the guide for you. Cooking in the sun to get a little color is not great for your skin, so we’re all for fakes in this case. These self-tanning serums are less messy than doing a spray tan and won’t create awkward streaks on your skin. Whether you’ve got an event coming up or just want a bronze boost, you can get a natural look with one of the best bronzing serums on Amazon.

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These self-tan serums work as quickly as two hours (if you’re in a hurry) or as gradual as a few days (if you’re looking for a slow tan). Some of our picks do more than just provide your skin with a little extra color, though. A few of our picks have moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients that’ll smooth out your skin’s texture and tighten it. Sign us up. After all, some self-tanners can dry out your skin, so it’s great to know that these are on your skin’s side.

We picked a few that we think are worth shelling out for. One is considered luxury beauty, while the other two are something you would find at your average drugstore. Go get that glow.

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