Can’t get a PS5? Pretend you have one with this free game

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You may not have your hands on a PS5 right now, but you sure can pretend.

The PS5 has officially launched in some parts of the world, with the rest joining in on the fun this week. But amidst all the pre-order chaos, limited stock and delivery delays, many won’t actually get a PS5 for weeks, if not months.

But you don’t have to worry, because the indie development community has produced PS5 Simulator, a free game that, well, lets you simulate the experience of receiving a brand-new console in the mail. It doesn’t even stop there, you’ll even be able to set it up after unpacking it.

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As silly as it may sound, PS5 Simulator is actually a little more featured than it may appear. The whole thing is physics-based, so the challenge comes from finagling the cords and opening the box the right way while dealing with the finicky controls. If you played a physics-based one of those before, you probably know what to expect.

It takes about 10 minutes to see all the way through, and you can download it at this link.

Thanks, Free Game Planet.

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