Donald Trump’s iPhone Is A Brick After Broad Social Media Ban, Right-Wing Cesspool Parler Shut Down

Donald Trump’s iPhone Is A Brick After Broad Social Media Ban, Right-Wing Cesspool Parler Shut Down
Donald Trump’s iPhone Is A Brick After Broad Social Media Ban, Right-Wing Cesspool Parler Shut Down

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Donald Trump has been effectively silenced.

After years of gaslighting and racism, the final straw was Donald Trump inciting a coup on the U.S. Capitol for social media companies to say enough is enough. Following the failed act of insurrection, Twitter first suspended Trump’s Twitter account for 12 hours and removed Tweets, including a video in which he continued to push the lie that the election was stolen from him.

Mark Zuckerberg took things even further, announcing that Facebook and Instagram banned the liar-in-chief indefinitely. Subsequently, following an open letter from our forever First Lady Michelle Obama calling for all social media companies to take action and give Trump the boot from their services, Jack and his company did it and permanently banned Trump from using his favorite megaphone. Trump even tried to use the official @Potus handle to get out his disinformation, and Twitter shut that down plus any other accounts that the lame-duck president tried to tweet from.

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The big three social media platforms’ decision to ban Trump opened up the floodgates as other companies followed suit. Trump now can’t use Snapchat, Pinterest, Shopify, Twitch, Reddit, and even TikTok, which we are sure enjoyed making that decision being that Trump tried to ban TikTok from operating in the United States. The only place left was the right-wing cesspool known as Parler. Today (Jan.11), it no longer exists after Amazon, who hosted the app on its server, removed it after Google and Apple took the problematic social media medium out of its app stores.

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Republicans who stupidly still support Donald Trump and even Keri Hilson are mind-numbingly caping for the orange menace claiming his social media ban is a violation of his 1st amendment rights when actually it’s not and crying about the removal of Parler. As president, Trump still can hold press conferences, but if you have been paying attention to his time as the Commander-In-Chief, you would know he rarely did those. Republicans are even crying about losing followers but are failing to point out that, more than likely, it is becuase Twitter is scrubbing its service of QAnon accounts and other peddlers of disinformation who were following them.

Yes, there is still a lot of nonsense going on social media, but we can’t help but notice Twitter is just a tab bit better becuase Trump’s Twitter fingers have been shutdown.

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Photo: NurPhoto / Getty

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