Filmfare Exclusive When Sushant Singh Rajput saved Sanjana Sanghiâs life

The ate Sushant Singh Rajput and Sanjana Sanghi’s fresh pairing in Dil Bechara is attracting all the eyeballs. The film is set to release this evening at 7:30 pm and the audience is waiting eagerly to catch the late actor on screen for the last time. Sushant and Sanjana’s chemistry is looking on point in the trailer and the songs of the film and it is only obvious that the audience is eager to know more and more about what happened behind the scenes during the shoot of the film. Well, we’ve got a snippet about the same. In a recent chat with Filmfare, Sanjana revealed an incident when Sushant saved her life.

She recalled, “ We were shooting at the most famous cemetery in Paris, which is also Jim Morrison’s grave and it is this one iconic place and it’s a really crucial scene of our film. So like before an emotional scene this weird thing used to happen to Sushant and me. We used to start feeling physically unwell before a heavy scene. You feel like, do I have a fever, is my nose running, are my eyes watering… and when the scene gets done, you start feeling normal, it’s very odd. So it was Sushant’s close-up and it was January, biting cold, and my close-ups had been done so I was giving him cues and two minutes into the scene, Sushant started like nudging me and I thought maybe he is improvising so I just kept going along with it. Then he was can we cut, can we cut…in the middle of his very intense performance and he pulled out a handkerchief and gave it to me because my nose was bleeding and I didn’t even realise. Like I was so into the moment that I did not even realise that my nose was bleeding. And he got so worried, he just called cut and then we got ice packs, he made me lie down. That moment I realized how far do we go as actors, that we don’t even realise what is happening to us physically.” We can’t wait to watch this pair together on screen, what about you?

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