Finneas Dishes On Why Billie Eilish Got Rid Of Her Iconic Green Hair!

Billie Eilish literally shook the internet when she went from her signature dark hair with lime green roots to a sophisticated platinum shade of blonde. And now we know the reason for the BIG transition!

This week, her brother Finneas revealed why the 19-year-old singer made the switcheroo to the killer new look to TMZ while exiting Blue Bottle Coffee in El Lay. The hitmaker explained:

“Hair is the easiest way to feel like you’re evolving as a person. Whenever you change your hairstyle or dye it a different color you feel like you’re growing up a bit.”

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It seemed like Billie was in the mood for a change! As you may remember, the Bad Guy artist shockingly debuted the new blonde ‘do as well as a new cute bob and long bangs on Instagram last month. Take a look (below):

As we reported, many fans previously theorized that the star had already dyed her hair weeks before and wore a wig at the Grammy Awards to hide it. Well, it turned out that was true! In a TikTok video, she seemingly confirmed the rumors by sharing an old clip of her lifting the front of a wig.


♬ Lo Vas A Olvidar – Billie Eilish & ROSALÍA

Then, Billie confessed in an IG Story over the weekend that the dramatic move took six weeks, which is why she decided to hide the transformation. She even shared a behind-the-scenes peek into the major bleaching process with fans, showing off the pale blonde top layers and the deep orange-red under layers. The musician’s hairstylist Lissa Renn initially shared a video about the process (now-deleted) and said of the undertaking, per Buzzfeed:

“The process is real when you’re doing it right. 6 weeks to get all the black out of her ends without damaging it, along with her following my strict hair care regime. We actually loved all the stages of lifting the color too, but the end result is [fire].”

It’s so important to take your time when bleaching from dark to bright blonde — and Billie and her crew did it beautifully! So much so, the debut selfie became one of the most liked photos on Instagram. Speaking with TMZ, Finneas said he believes people became so obsessed with the switch since “the green roots were such a recognizable thing.” He then added:

“Whenever there’s a point of change, people get excited and fixated on it, but I think it’s deserving it looks really great.”

Many supporters had actually anticipated the new style evolution as the Ocean Eyes crooner hinted at the plans to enter a different phase in her music with a whole new look. And when asked if Finneas thought the change was “signifying a new era,” he said:

“Yeah, I think so. It took a long time, a lot of different sessions. They wanted to do it really healthy … I think it looks great.”

Unfortunately, he didn’t disclose how long the blonde locks will stay AND if they were working to release some more music for the next album. But we do know a new age of Billie Eilish is upon us, and we can’t wait to hear what’s in store!

Are U still in love with Billie’s blonde mane? Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Image via WENN/Avalon & Billie Eilish/Instagram]

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