Genealogist Says Hilaria Baldwin’s Family Lineage Has ‘No Spain In Sight’ — YIKES!

Well this is awkward AF…

Hilaria Baldwin is in the middle of the self-made controversy of her life, after social media commenters have mercilessly called her out over the past week for Spain-washing her lily-white Boston-born background and claiming to be a Spanish woman for the last decade. And now, a genealogist is weighing in, too! And it ain’t good for Alec Baldwin‘s wife!!!

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Genealogist Dr. Adina Newman spoke to about the fascinating and cringeworthy Baldwin case, and her expert determination about the embattled yoga instructor’s lineage comes down to this: there’s apparently “no Spain in sight” in the poor girl’s background! What can we say?! It’s just Hillary Hayward-Thomas from Boston, Massachusetts! Can’t that be good enough??

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According to Dr. Newman, Hilaria’s lineage traces back to the following countries and areas: from England, Ireland, Germany, Quebec, and modern-day Slovakia before earlier generations of her family finally settled in New England. And so she was born in Boston, to parents who were born in America and who lived full-time in Boston until 2011, when they finally retired to the Spanish island of Majorca (when Hillary was already an adult, of course.)

Newman did note that Hilaria had a “dirty tree,” but she was clear that “nothing has led me to Spain,” and the expert was able to go back “centuries” on the author’s mother’s side of the family, especially.

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For the specifics, it turns out the Haywards first arrived in America from England “sometime in the 1870s, but no later than around 1874,” according to Dr. Newman. Both of Hilaria’s parents were both in New York, and both of her paternal grandparents were born in Massachusetts.

As Dr. Newman is quick to point out, Hilaria’s roots are so deep in New England that her 11th great-grandfather was a town founder of the city of New Haven, Connecticut. WOW!!! Her father’s side has even deeper ties to the United States, with his family’s side having literally lived in America since before the American Revolution in the 1770s. Girl…

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While even genealogy experts can miss certain things here and there, Dr. Newman was apparently thorough enough that she told the outlet it was extremely unlikely that the embattled yoga teacher had any Spanish blood or other familial connection in her family tree “unless there was an adoption.” BIG. YIKES.

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