Henry Cavill Is Dating A My Super Sweet 16 Alum!

Henry Cavill Is Dating A My Super Sweet 16 Alum!

Henry Cavill has a new girlfriend!

The Justice League star confirmed the romance with Natalie Viscuso on Instagram over the weekend after some pap snaps of the couple going for a walk hand in hand hit the web.

Natalie is the Vice President of Television and Digital at Legendary Entertainment, which has been involved with the DC films at Warner Bros but also produced the Netflix film Enola Holmes, in which Cavill, 37, played Sherlock Holmes. Seeing as she’s in charge of digital, we have to imagine that’s the project where they met.

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Not too much is known about the 31-year-old, but it would seem from the Man Of Steel star’s IG introduction that she’s a regular Beth Harmon. He posted:

“This is me looking quietly confident shortly before my beautiful and brilliant love Natalie, destroys me at chess.”


She posted the same pic, only with the caption:

“Just teaching my dear Henry how to play some chess…or…maybe he let me win?”

Super cute that they play chess together!

But Natalie wasn’t always such a sophisticated mastermind. Back in 2005 she was a spoiled, self-centered, melodramatic high schooler. How do we know? Oh, because she was featured on an episode of My Super Sweet 16!

Yes, the show about teen girls crossing that threshold into adulthood with a hideous display of opulence, greed, and materialism.

Henry Cavill Is Dating A My Super Sweet 16 Alum!

In the season 1 episode, Natalie explains how she moved from having nothing while living with her aunt and uncle in Roswell to being “at the top” with her father in La Jolla, California:

“Money is really not an object to me, I’m really spoiled. Sometimes I feel guilty for that… but I deserve everything that I have because I’ve always been just the nice girl, never the rich girl.”

In the episode’s most dramatic moment, she complains that her party — which is being held in one of numerous nightclubs owned by her father — has been invaded by too many people she doesn’t even know. The pushing and shoving on the dance floor gets overly violent, but even worse there are… freshmen girls trying to get inside. They didn’t get invites, but they bought tickets, which apparently was a feature of this party. Business savvy dad, we guess. But Natalie complains:

“We gotta find those *******! I don’t want them here.”

After she speaks to security, the guards actually track down the girls and escort them out of the building. The scene was even featured on MTV‘s ranked list of biggest meltdowns from the show, which is no small feat if you’ve seen the show!

Thankfully it seems like gurl is a VERY different person these days. We LOVE that she’s also a dog person, just like Henry! Here she is with her French bulldog, Meat.

What do YOU think of this pairing?? Did you remember the episode?? (You can watch the whole thing HERE, btw!)

[Image via Henry Cavill/Natalie Viscuso/Instagram/MTV.]

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