If You Think Bala Bangles Are Chic, Just Wait ‘Til You See The Rest Of Their Gym Gear

If You Think Bala Bangles Are Chic, Just Wait ‘Til You See The Rest Of Their Gym Gear

I’ve basically had my Bala Bangles strapped to my ankles since I impulse-bought them in the summer. After working from home for a few months and feeling guilty about skipping workouts, I purchased them with the intention of wearing them around the house, in addition to strapping them on for the occasional gym sesh every now and again. It didn’t take long to fall in love—and if you’re already a fan, prepare to be obsessed with all the other Bala gym equipment I’m just now learning exists.

Seriously, you guys—I thought they only made the Bangles! Turns out, they have quite a few different weights, all of which are very minimalist, colorful and chic. The brand was founded back in 2018, but after appearing on Shark Tank in February 2020, their iconic wighted bands became a sort of gym rat status symbol. Soon enough, pretty much everyone wanted them. We spend so much coin on cute workout attire, why not gear that looks just as good?

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Now that I’ve been loving mine for quite some time, I plan on stocking up on a few of Bala’s other gym essentials—in particular, I’ve got my eye on The Power Ring. The 10lb silicone disc is a kettlebell-dumbell combo like none I’ve ever seen. The best part? It’s actually cute, so I don’t hate leaving it out in my living room for guests to see.

If You Think Bala Bangles Are Chic, Just Wait ‘Til You See The Rest Of Their Gym GearSource: Instagram

All in all, that really is the appeal of Bala’s products. I already have weights that work perfectly fine, but I find myself stuffing them in the closet, under the bed or in my cabinet whenever I have friends come by. Gym gear often looks unsightly, but these items look nice. Chic, even! You can display them with all your other home decor knick-knacks, then grab them when it’s time to sweat.

Read on for my entire Bala gym gear shopping list, and don’t hesitate to treat yourself to a few items for the new year. Oh, and be sure to head to the Bala site to check out an entire page of workout videos that incorporate their weights. Now you’ve officially got no excuse!

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STYLECASTER | Bala Workout Gear

Courtesy of Bala.

Bala Bangles

The Bala Bangles come in multiple weights and tons of cute colors (like this very chic nude!) and make you feel like you’re getting some fitness in, even if you’re just working from home all day. Strap ’em to your wrists or ankles and let them work their magic.

P.S. These babies tend to sell out on the reg, so don’t be surprised if you need to pre-order to get your hands on them!

Buy: Bala Bangles $49

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STYLECASTER | Bala Workout Gear

Courtesy of Bala.

Bala The Power Ring

Bala’s Power Ring is basically a kettlebell and a dumbbell combined. At 10lbs, it’s the perfect weight to keep on-hand for at-home workouts. Plus, you can store it in your living room and it’ll low-key act as decor. It’s so cute!

Buy: Bala The Power Ring $85

STYLECASTER | Bala Workout Gear

Courtesy of Bala.

Bala Sliders

These 7″ sliders are a must-have for anyone looking to work out their core, be it via HIIT, pilates, yoga, aerobics—you name it! If you’re already stocked up on weights, add these to your fitness collection to amp things up for just $15.

Buy: Bala Sliders $15

STYLECASTER | Bala Workout Gear

Courtesy of Bala.

Bala Bars

I’m not going to lie—these dumbells kinda look like sex toys. Am I the only one who sees it?! Still, these 3lb silicone weights are definitely more stylish than the dingy ones you usually use at the gym.

Buy: Bala Bars $55

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