Ioan Gruffudd Allegedly Claiming Alice Evans Is A ‘Neglectful Parent’ As Divorce Turns Vicious!

Oof, as if this divorce wasn’t messy enough, now it’s come to a low point: using the kids against one another.

If you haven’t been following this sad saga, Titanic alum Ioan Gruffudd — perhaps best known as the star of those terrible early 2000s Fantastic Four movies — left his family in January. The whole thing came as a shock as the Welsh actor apparently abandoned his wife and two daughters out of nowhere.

The reason we know all this? His wife, actress Alice Evans, has been wildly candid about the entire experience. We’re only getting her side, but it has not looked good for Ioan — who frankly appears to be going through a midlife crisis in which he’s trying to recapture his youth as a f**kboy, complete with another woman. So cliché. She wrote recently:

“Have you ever been dumped OUT OF THE BLUE from a 20 year relationship where until a few weeks before you were planning holidays, and making plans for a ‘family Christmas’ in the snow? It happened so fast that I can hardly catch my breath, let alone my kids.”

Like we said, it’s just her side — or at least it had been…

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On Tuesday, Alice dropped the latest update on the legal battle, posting a disturbing Instagram caption claiming her ex is going after her parenting skills! She wrote:

“Oh no!! My husband is telling his lawyers that I am a neglectful parent. I bow unto my STBX [soon to be ex] husband but must honestly share thus clip as evidence that my offspring are as nutty as their mother.”

Seemingly laughing it off, Alice posted a rather silly video to go along with the dark news. Her younger daughter Elsie, 7, leaps fully clothed onto a floating raft sitting in the middle of their swimming pool. She of course immediately falls into the water, then gets out laughing as Momma films and also laughs:

“Noo, oh my God I am so sorry, let’s take you inside and get dry clothes, ok? I’m so sorry, I can’t stop filming!”

Alice deleted the post — by accident she said, explaining she was just trying to edit it — but then replaced it, without the “neglectful parent” claim.

We can’t be sure the reasoning behind posting this vid along with that accusation — possibly to combat it? Or explain what he might have meant?

But it’s all too clear from the momma’s IG, as we’ve seen over the past couple months, that she is completely devoted to her children — as much as she was to her husband.

If we’re being honest, it’s impressive she isn’t trying to turn the tables of “neglectful parenting” on her husband, who as we’ve seen from her social media posts going back years, has often been away on movie sets.

Obviously we don’t know his side, but if Ioan really is going after his ex-wife’s parenting skills, that seem completely offsides to us. How about YOU??

[Image via Alice Evans/Instagram.]

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