Kehlani Claps Back At Critics Of Her Physical Appearance & Tattoos

<div>Kehlani Claps Back At Critics Of Her Physical Appearance & Tattoos</div>

She recently sizzled on Inked magazine’s latest cover shoot, and every photo she posts on social media seems to get an overwhelmingly positive response. However, Kehlani is still subject to trolls who spend their time attempting to bring her down with negative comments about her physical appearance—especially her abundance of skin art. It’s all a waste of time, because the singer made it known that no matter what someone’s opinion is about the way she looks, it doesn’t change how she views herself.

“Let me just be clear i don’t give a f*ck if you don’t approve of how i look,” Kehlani penned in a tweeted. “You’re not taking care of my family or eating my ass. even if you were, you still have no say in what i do to my body. there are plenty of folks with no tattoos to go for. the world is yours.” And that’s that.

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Kehani recently revealed that her Inked photo spread was captured in her bedroom due to social distancing brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, but the images still came out flawless. Additionally, she shared a few more selfie shots showing off her ink that apparently made the tattoos-on-women-haters even angrier. Check out the pictures below.


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