King Von ‘Beat Up’ Quando Rondo Before He Was Killed!! (Fight Video)’

A new video was released, which shows the final few seconds of Chicago rapper King Von’s life, MTO News has learned.

In the video, the now deceased rapper is seen approaching rival rapper Quando Rondo, and punching him in the face. That occurred before police say that Quando’s brother pulled a gun and murdered the Chicago rapper.


In the video, King Von walks over to Quando, and the two rappers stare each other down face to face.

Then, MTO News confirmed, King Von punched Quando Rondo in the face – HARD. Rondo stumbles back, and King Von continued forward, preparing to land multiple follow up blows.

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King Von’s Manager Speaks (; 1:01)

That’s when one of Rondo’s crew pulls a gun, and shoots Von dead. Police quickly came on the scene, and began shooting indiscriminately. Multiple people were gunned down, possibly even people who were not directly involved in the conflict.

Police arrested a Georgia man named Timothy Leeks, who is reportedly Quando’s half-brother, and charged him with King Von’s murder.

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