LisaRaye Defends Fired Radio Host Who Compared Famous Black Women’s Skin Tones To His Toast Preferences (Video)

LisaRaye is catching some heat for defending a Buffalo radio host who compared Halle Berry’s and Serena Williams’ skin colors to his toaster settings.

She made the comments on a recent episode of Fox Soul’s “Cocktails With Queens” during which she and her co-hosts discussed the now fired radio host Rob Lederman’s racist comments and Halle’s reaction to the “disgusting” remarks.

They began the segment by playing the audio from the radio show.

“I have them to the attractiveness of women that I find to be attractive,” Rob said of his toaster settings. “So I will never go to a Serena Williams level, but I’m very comfortable with…a Halle Berry level. I mean a little bit of mulatto still coming through.”

You can listen to the clip below:

LisaRaye’s co-host Syleena Johnson started off the conversation by flat out saying Rob Lederman “ain’t s**t,” in defense of Serena.

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“‘Cause guess what, Serena’s whole white husband, who’s a billionaire, b***h, he did go down to the Serena Williams level, with yo poor a**,” Syleena said, before LisaRaye interjected, saying the radio host was not in the wrong for having a preference.

“Wait a minute. What I heard was an opinion,” LisaRaye said in Rob Lederman’s defense. “I heard that he’s just saying that he just doesn’t, he won’t go as far as a dark skin Black woman. He’s comfortable with going with the color of a Halle Berry. What’s wrong with that?”

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Things got a little heated after that, with Syleena explaining to LisaRaye that the radio host’s comments were colorist and that he could have worded what he said differently.

It seemed that the rest of their co-hosts agreed with Syleena on this one but LisaRaye seemed unfazed by the discourse. Not sure if LisaRaye will revisit this conversation in the future after the backlash she received, but if she does, we’ll keep you posted.

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