Marvel Comics & X-Men Legends #3 Spoilers & Review: All About Archangel As Apocalypse Targets X-Factor!

<div>Marvel Comics & X-Men Legends #3 Spoilers & Review: All About Archangel As Apocalypse Targets X-Factor!</div>

Marvel Comics and X-Men Legends #3 Spoilers and Review follows.

<div>Marvel Comics & X-Men Legends #3 Spoilers & Review: All About Archangel As Apocalypse Targets X-Factor!</div>

All About Archangel As Apocalypse Targets X-Factor!

This variant covers is part of an interlocking series for X-Men Legends.

This issue has one more variant cover.

That’s all in addition to the main cover.

While this is a new story, it is within established continuity, and takes place after 1989’s X-Factor #42, but…

…before X-Factor #43.

Ok, onto 2021’s X-Men Legends #3.

The solicitation for this story is helpful as it takes place between two issues of X-Factor from 32 years ago:

THE ORIGINAL X-FACTOR RETURNS – TO BATTLE APOCALYPSE! The mutants once known as the original X-MEN now fight the good fight as the mutant team X-FACTOR! Together with their mysterious sentient spaceship Ship and the newly transformed ARCHANGEL, they’ve defeated CAMERON HODGE and foiled APOCALYPSE’s scheme. But as Ship starts to malfunction, Apocalypse’s true plan unfolds! Return to this classic era with legends Louise Simonson and Walter Simonson as they kick off an ALL-NEW tale set before X-FACTOR #43!

Apocalypse has forcibly and painfully already changed Angel into Archangel and…

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…he has plans for Cameron Hodge, who X-Factor recently defeated, quite…

…large plans for Hodge literally.

Apocalypse transports this Hodge mech elsewhere as…

…X-Factor finishes up…

…a mission of their own.

As they relax after a mission well done…

…the Hodge mech arrives!

The Pulse:

I enjoyed the opening arc of this series involving Adam X the X-Xtreme, and the revelation of his ties to the Summers Family tree. Like with that issue, while I enjoyed it as a long-time fan, it is hard to sometimes put yourself back into the timeframe the story is adding continuity for. X-Men in 2021 are very different than X-Men in 1989. That said, this issue, which takes place after Walter Simonson left X-Factor as series artist, gives readers all the context you need to enjoy the story. Your 2021 context is irrelevant and your spotty memory from 1989, if you were even alive then, is not required. So, assessing this issue solely on its merits solely on story and art, I would say that I was entertained. On the art side, I still enjoy Walter Simonson’s intricate and dynamic pencils, but not his inks; the same view I have of another storied contemporary of Simonson’s namely John Byrne. Also, while the lettering harkened back to the style of 1989, it just doesn’t work for readers with 2021 eyes; no such concern over the coloring. Having said that, the story was decent, but I was hoping for interaction between Apocalypse and X-Factor; that seems to have to wait, possibly, for X-Men Legends #4 out on June 23, 2021; yes two months from now. Overall, an entertaining issue, but it is hard not to assess it with 2021 eyes. A higher rating than you might give it, perhaps fueled by my nostalgia; 6.5 out of 10.

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