Meghan King Says Her Kids ‘Have No Idea’ She And Ex Jim Edmonds Were Once Together!

This is crazy!

Meghan King and Jim Edmonds split up in October of 2019, and agreed on 50/50 child custody about a month after that, but judging by their kids’ short-term memories, you would think they were never together!

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The former Real Housewives of Orange County star spoke to Us Weekly on Thursday and explained a surprising little phenomenon going on in her house right now: her three children — daughter Aspen, 4, and 2-year-old twins Hart and Hayes — have “no idea” she and Edmonds were ever together!

Sure, they’re super young and the split happened very, very early in their lives (especially for the twins), but no idea?! Wow!

The 36-year-old mom explained it more, saying (below):

“They don’t even remember when we were together. They have no idea. I’ll show them pictures when they were babies and how he’s with me. And they’re just totally mind blown. It’s like that emoji with the head exploding, like, ‘You and dad were in the same room?’”

Ha! That’s wild! Obviously, they’ll understand things better as they continue to get older and grow up, but it’s crazy to think they can’t even conceptualize the reality TV alum and longtime MLB baseball star having ever been in the same room. Amazing!

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Guess it just goes to show how much the kids are used to the co-parenting schedule, and having mom and dad broken up. Times change quickly and the new normal takes hold faster than you think!

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Speaking of breakups and co-parenting, Meghan spoke up about the status of her split from the former St. Louis Cardinals outfielder, too. Admitting that “it’s a struggle,” she told the outlet the pair is still working their way into the best post-breakup situation — and adding that their divorce hasn’t yet been finalized, due to COVID-19-related family court delays.

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King explained:

“It’s a common theme among parents who are coparenting. If you’re coparenting well then, I don’t know, maybe she just [should’ve] stayed married or something. That’s how I see it, I guess. Or you’re just, like, a very evolved soul and a wonderful person. But I don’t think that my coparenting relationship has reached that level of evolution.”


Without question, there’s still some serious friction there between her and the ex-baseball star. Of course, that hasn’t stopped either King or Edmonds from moving on with new partners, but still. There have definitely been some tense moments for these two over the past year.

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Hey, knowing that, maybe it’s better that the kids don’t remember these two together, right?! Just saying!!

[Image via Meghan King/Instagram/Jim Edmonds/Instagram]

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