No More Heroes 3 comes to Switch this August

Travis Touchdown’s return to the Switch happens a little later than originally planned.

Nintendo has announced a release date for No More Heroes 3 as part of its big Direct presentation overnight. The game will be available on Switch on August 27.

As revealed in the game’s latest trailer, No More Heroes 3 pits series protagonist Travis Touchdown against aliens. Touchdown returns from a ten-year break to find that aliens have invaded Earth. In typical whacky Suda51 magic, the aliens are holding a tournament to rank Earth’s superheroes and determine the planet’s fate.

The game will be split into smaller side missions – essentially menial tasks like mowing lawns and mining – and big boss fights with the aliens. You’ll need to do the former to earn your entry fee to fight the latter. As the trailer shows, No More Heroes 3 will, like its predecessors, switch genres and styles throughout.

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The Death Glove has also been updated, now offering the selection of four custom skills you can fire off, and later upgrade, at any time. Catch the new trailer above.

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