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No, you haven’t won an iPhone 12! | Tech/Gadgets

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Apple’s new phones set for release October 23, 2020. — AFP pic

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct 15 — Apple may have only just unveiled its iPhone 12, out October 23, but you already risk being targeted by scams of the “Click here to win an iPhone 12” or “Get an iPhone 12 for US$1 (RM4.14)” variety.

Web users should take extra care when receiving these kinds of messages and, above all, ignore them.

Analysts at virus protection software provider Kaspersky warn that criminals are already rolling out phishing scams based on the freshly unveiled iPhone 12. They identified almost 2,000 suspicious new websites mentioning the Apple name or using its graphic charter.

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The vast majority of them were clearly created in the aim of tricking users and potentially obtaining information such as bank details. As a result, Kaspersky is calling on users to be extra vigilant.

Our advice: Use common sense with offers and promotions received by e-mail. Never click on links sent in messages from unknown contacts, whether by email or on social media. — AFP-Relaxnews

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