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Oculus Quest 2 Facebook account merge is a bit of a mess

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Oculus Quest 2 users are having issues merging their Oculus accounts to a Facebook account, leaving them with nothing but an expensive “paperweight.”

According to various reports, Oculus Quest 2 owners who are creating a Facebook account for the first time are experiencing problems with the verification system.

As UploadVR reports, some new users are unable to acquire verification or are having the account outright suspended from the get-go.

There are even some users who deactivated their Facebook account being suspended for trying to reactivate or when merging the account with their Oculus accounts, which will eventually be a requirement.

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Some of the verification methods include a copy of the user ID, or the person is required to fill out a document so their identity can be verified by someone at Facebook, which seems to be taking ages for some folks.

One reddit user reported that even after sending a copy of their driver’s license, Facebook stated they would not unsuspend the account, leaving the user with basically nothing but an expensive doorstop.  There are multiple instances on reddit of people having issues with Facebook.

Facebook responded to UploadVR’s request for comment, and here’s what the company had to say:

People who are having trouble logging in to their device aren’t losing access to their purchased content, based on what we’re seeing in customer service reports.

Someone may temporarily experience an issue accessing content if they have trouble logging in to Quest 2 with their Facebook account, but they will be able to access their content once those login issues are resolved.

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In August, Facebook announced that starting in October, current and future owners of the headsets would need to create a Facebook account to use any Oculus VR headset.

Those who already have Oculus accounts would have to merge it with a Facebook account by January 1, 2023. After that point, a Facebook account will be mandatory.

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