Patent suggests PlayStation might be working on a user-created tips system

This could be the latest step the firm is taking to make games more accessible.

PlayStation maker Sony Interactive Entertainment is seemingly looking into a system that would allow users to leave tips for other players.

As spotted by Scrubwiki – and reported by VGC – this patent lays out a method of making and displaying tags that help other users in-game.

“Such tags introduce an additional dimension of community participation to both single and multiplayer games,” the patent reads.

“Through such tags, players are empowered to communicate through filtered text messages and images as well as audio clips that other game players, including top-rated players, have generated and placed at particular coordinates and/or in context of particular events within the game space.”

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While patents are not products – and this might never be turned into a system that Sony actually uses – it would certainly be another step in the PlayStation maker making its games more accessible.

PlayStation 5 launch title Demon’s Souls came with more than 180 different videos to assist players in the tough-as-hell RPG. This was part of console functionality that showed users gameplay footage from other players in order to help them get past sections they were stuck on.

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