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Sony confirms new PlayStation Store to launch beginning next week

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The PlayStation Store’s is about to get an overhaul.

Last week, it was reported that Sony is gearing up to launch a new PlayStation Store on web and mobile. Now, Sony has officially communicated these plans to users.

The platform holder sent around emails to several PlayStation users, confirming that the new store will be going live October 21-26 on the web, and October 28 on mobile. As previously reported, the new store will not list games for PS3, PS Vita, or PSP. You also won’t be able to find apps, themes and avatars for any of these platforms, as well as the PS4.

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PS4 games will continue to be listed on the new store, and obviously PS5 and its future games. The rollout will also get rid of the wishlist feature, so everything you have on it will be gone. It’s not clear if the new store will introduce a new wishlist feature, or if Sony is taking it out entirely, though the former is more likely.

Each of these respective consoles will continue to have their own stores, accessible through the console itself. This is where you’ll continue to buy games, apps, avatars and themes. It’s also how you’ll be able to download what you already own.

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