Sony Reportedly Wants More Avengers In Spider-Man 3

Sony Reportedly Wants More Avengers In Spider-Man 3

Sony Reportedly Wants More Avengers In Spider-Man 3
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The specifics of the agreement between Sony and Marvel Studios to share Spider-Man have never been made public, but you would imagine that the former would have significant input on the creative side. After all, the web-slinging superhero is the crown jewel of their intellectual properties, even though they botched two franchises of their own and ended up striking a deal with Kevin Feige and his team.

Far From Home is the highest-grossing movie in Sony’s history, so they’re probably quite happy with how Marvel are handling the character regardless of how heavy their influence is, but we’ve heard from our sources – the same ones that told us that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier would be delayed weeks before it was officially confirmed – that Sony are pushing to include more Avengers in Spider-Man 3.

According to our intel, Sony want to see a huge increase in profits after Far From Home became the first Spidey movie to ever cross a billion dollars at the box office, and they believe that utilizing more of the MCU’s recognizable faces in Tom Holland’s third outing as Peter Parker is one way to guarantee that it happens, as the studio are very short of marketable brands and want to piggyback of the MCU.

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Obviously, Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark was all over the marketing for Homecoming and that movie didn’t reach a billion, while Far From Home did and that only featured background players like Nick Fury, Maria Hill and Happy Hogan. Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange is already confirmed for Spider-Man 3, and don’t be surprised if Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch is added to the cast in the near future, but stacking the ensemble full of fan favorites is no substitute for a great story.


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