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Stone Roses’ Ian Brown Refers to Coronavirus as ‘Common Cold’

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Just days after deleting his tirade of controversial tweets, Ian Brown doubled down on his stance on COVID-19 by referring to the coronavirus as “the common cold.”

“If COViD has been isolated why would the OXFORD vax research use a coronavirus from a Chimpanzee?” the former Stone Roses singer tweeted on Sunday. “Has COViD 19 been isolated? Coronavirus is the common cold here since the dawn of time never to be eradicated”

His latest statement comes after Brown suggested that the world’s response to COVID-19 is a “plandemic planned designed and executed to make us digital slaves.” He also implied that he is anti-mask, anti-lockdown, and anti-vax in his since-deleted tweets.

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Brown’s the latest Brit to take a controversial stance on the pandemic. Last month, Noel Gallagher revealed that he refuses to wear a mask in public because “there’s too many fucking liberties being taken away from us now” and Van Morrison released a new track called “Born to Be Free,” his first of three anti-lockdown protest songs.


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