The Batman Set Pic Reveals New Look For Zoe Kravitz’s Selina Kyle

The Batman Set Pic Reveals New Look For Zoe Kravitz’s Selina Kyle

The Batman Set Pic Reveals New Look For Zoe Kravitz’s Selina Kyle
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The Batman is filming a major sequence in the heart of Liverpool in the UK this week, which means that we’re getting an influx of fresh set photos revealing new looks at a bevy of the movie’s characters. We’ve already got our first look at Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne since production resumed, along with a video of John Turturro as Carmine Falcone. Now, some additional pics present Zoe Kravitz looking glamorous as Selina Kyle.

The major sequence in question features many of the film’s central players attending a funeral service for Rupert Penry-Jones’ character, presumed to be one of Gotham’s elite killed off by the Riddler. In the two photos in the gallery below, courtesy of Just Jared, Kravitz is seen leaving the funeral in a high-fashion coat and hat. The second also reveals something interesting – she’s on the arm of Falcone himself.

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This seems to be yet another element of the story borrowed from seminal comic book arc The Long Halloween. In that, Selina manages to finagle herself into Falcone’s life in her civilian guise while secretly investigating his business at night as Catwoman. Fans have already spotted three scratches on Falcone’s right cheek in the second photo – which matches the same injury he gets in Long Halloween after Catwoman catches him with her claws.

The first trailer for the film, revealed at DC FanDome, unveiled Kravitz in her Catwoman outfit which, similar to Anne Hathaway’s version, is mostly a burglar’s catsuit, though the ends of her balaclava mask resemble two cat ears. This fits how The Batman takes place at an early point in Bruce’s crime-fighting career, and therefore early in Selina’s criminal days, too. She may well get a more developed costume later on.

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As of the latest – and hopefully last – delay, The Batman is scheduled to hit theaters on March 4th, 2022.


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