The CW Reportedly Wants More Flash/Superman Crossovers In The Arrowverse

For the moment, the annual Arrowverse crossover event has been put on hold due to the added difficulty there would be in pulling the already ambitious undertaking off during the COVID outbreak. In fact, we’re not entirely sure when we’ll have one of these again, seeing as “Crisis on Infinite Earths” would be pretty hard to top. But it’s fair to assume there will be smaller-scale crossovers in the near future. For one, it looks like we can count on more from the Flash and Superman.

According to what we’re hearing from our reliable sources – the same ones who previously told us about HBO Max’s Green Lantern series before it was announced  – The CW wants more crossovers between Grant Gustin’s Scarlet Speedster and Tyler Hoechlin’s Man of Steel. Fans may know that Gustin is a lifelong Superman fan, and this is said to be a major reason why the network is planning on pairing the two heroes up again.

The CW must be doing all they can to keep Gustin sweet. Previous intel has pointed to the network handing over a huge sum of cash to keep him on board for another few years. So, after appealing to his financial sense, they may also be trying to coax him into sticking around by appealing to his inner child, as well. Gustin has already worked with Hoechlin on “Elseworlds” and “Crisis”, but he’s admitted to being “flustered” when he first saw the actor in the Supes suit on set.

When it comes to crossovers this year, The CW is instead getting Arrow‘s David Ramsey back to appear as a guest star across the various series for a week’s worth of episodes. He may even finally become a Green LanternSuperman & Lois is currently on a break, but it’ll return to its Tuesday slot behind The Flash in May. The latter show, though, continues to air new episodes of its seventh season every week.


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