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The Infinix Note 8 could be the perfect phone for photography fans

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Infinix has had hits with phones packed with cutting-edge hardware, and we are in for the same treats once more.

The Infinix Note 8’s primary focus is camera tech. And that always starts with the sensor.

A focus on the camera

Infinix uses an ultra-high resolution 64MP primary sensor, to offer the most detailed images possible during the day. As any camera geeks out there may know, a higher-resolution sensor can impair low-light performance, but Infinix has that sorted too.

The Infinix Note 8 has an Ultra Night Mode 2.0 mode, which dramatically improves the clarity of your low-light shots. Advanced tech like this means you can concentrate on the composition of your image rather than worrying if your camera is up to the job.

There’s eye-tracking autofocus, to let you shoot pin-sharp images of people even if they are in motion. And the Infinix Note 8’s Super Macro lens will focus much closer to your subject, perfect for nature images.

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The Infinix Note 8 has features just for portraits too. Dedicated depth sensors on both front and back cameras help blur out the background in Portrait mode, for the profile-pic-ready charm you only used to get with a DSLR camera.

Fans of video aren’t left out either. The Infinix Note 8’s Vidhance video algorithms smooth-out motion and improve image quality so all your clips are ready to post. There are also beautification features, to make your subject look their best even if the natural lighting isn’t all that flattering.

Power features

The Infinix Note 8 has all the key features we look for in a phone camera, and even nails the parts on the periphery that make a phone camera more fun to use. Its screen measures 6.95 inches across. This is a huge display for reviewing your pics, or watching Netflix, and 480-nit brightness means it will look clear in all conditions.

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128GB storage offers plenty of room for your photo library and all the high-end Android games you like. The Infinix Note 8’s MediaTek G80 processor has the power it needs to handle them too.

This is an octa-core CPU with a Mali graphics chipset that lets you play titles like Fortnite, one of the most popular and demanding Android games. The Infinix Note 8 has 14% more GPU power than the Note 7, its predecessor, which ramps up frame rates no matter what you like to play.

A higher quality of life

The fastest processors and most impressive cameras only get you so far. Two weeks in, a phone can lose its shine if it doesn’t last long enough between charges. That won’t be a problem with the Infinix Note 8.

It has an extra large 5,200mAh battery. This kind of capacity lets a phone last a full two days for many. Or you can just stream video, snap photos and play games as much as you like, without having to worry if the Infinix Note 8 will run dry early.

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That’s what we call smartphone bliss. The Infinix Note 8 will be available in three finishes: Deepsea Luster, Silver Diamond and Iceland Fantasy.

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