Tomorrowland & Alan Walker Give Exclusive First Look At Virtual Festival Stage In Action

The biggest question surrounding Tomorrowland’s Around The World virtual festival this weekend is: all of these other live streams have been free, why should I pay for this? Well, earlier today, Tomorrowland and Alan Walker helped to give an exclusive first look at the main stage of the virtual festival in action and it looks absolutely AMAZING.

Keep in mind this is entirely computer generated and they have multiple swiveling cameras as well as a “fully populated” crowd in front of the stage. With the sun setting behind the stage and the design that is otherwise impossible (or at least, too expensive) to be realized in real life, this is an incredible view that you literally won’t see anywhere else.

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Tomorrowland 2020 will take place on the magical island of PĀPILIŌNEM and will feature 8 stages with over 60 artists. Explore and unlock other incredible activities with inspiration sessions, interactive meeting places and games, a culinary atelier, DJ workshops, secret hideouts and much more. Navigate easily between stages and areas. Simply click on the stage you want to visit to watch the livestream of your favorite artists. If you want to travel to other areas, you can go back to the island and click on another stage or area — no fumbling around Minecraft. A timetable will be your compass throughout the day.

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Get your tickets for Tomorrowland 2020 now at Tomorrowland Around the World, The Digital Festival – 25 & 26 July

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Tomorrowland & Alan Walker Give Exclusive First Look At Virtual Festival Stage In Action


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