Use-Of-Force Expert Says No Force Should Have Been Used After George Floyd Was Handcuffed And Not Resisting (Video)

Moving into Day 8 of the Derek Chauvin trial, the state called a use-of-force expert from the Los Angeles Police Department as its witness to testify to the deadly force used by Chauvin and the three other officers involved in George Floyd’s death.

Sgt. Jody Stiger is the first expert witness from outside of the city of Minneapolist to take the stand. After reviewing the body cam footage as well as photos from the deadly incident, his view is clear–Chauvin’s use of force was “excessive.”

Stiger said that after George Floyd was restrained, there was no longer a need for force as he was not resisting, in the prone position and was handcuffed.

George also did not attempt to evade, nor was he attempting to resist, and the pressure that was being caused by the body weight could cause positional asphyxia, which could result in death, according to Stiger.

“My opinion was that no force should have been used once he was in that position,” Stiger testified. You can watch the video below:

It was also noted in Stiger’s testimony that the additional weight of the three officers on top of George increased his chances of dying.

“When you add body weight to that, then it just increases the risk of death,” Stiger said.

He added that police officers have known of the dangers of positional asphyxia for “at least 20 years.” 

Another noteworthy moment from Stiger’s testimony was Chauvin’s use of what appeared to be “pain compliance” on George’s hand. 

In the photo shared at trial, Stiger pointed out that Chauvin’s hand was holding Floyd’s behind his back and that it appeared Chauvin was squeezing George’s fingers.

“What if there’s no opportunity for compliance?” Prosecutor Steve Schleicher asked, to which Stiger replied, “Then at that point, it’s just pain.”

We’ll keep you posted on updates from Chauvin’s trial right here.

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