WB Reportedly Want To Sign Dwayne Johnson To As Many As 10 More Movies

WB Reportedly Want To Sign Dwayne Johnson To As Many As 10 More Movies

WB Reportedly Want To Sign Dwayne Johnson To As Many As 10 More Movies
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The friendship between Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds is becoming increasingly symbiotic, and it isn’t just because they took the number one and two slots on this year’s list of highest-paid actors in Hollywood. The duo each have an extensive business portfolio away from the silver screen, and Reynolds looks to have replaced Kevin Hart as Johnson’s new favorite running buddy.

The two A-listers are currently hard at work on Netlix’s action blockbuster Red Notice, which has led to several instances of the social media trolling we’ve all come to expect from the Deadpool star, while they’re also widely expected to collaborate once more in the near future as part of the in-development Hobbs & Shaw sequel, with Reynolds set to get a much bigger role this time around.

Recent reports have claimed that Marvel were planning on offering Reynolds the single biggest contract in the studio’s history, but according to insider Daniel Richtman, Warner Bros. are considering handing Johnson a similarly lucrative deal. Taking to Patreon, here’s what he shared:

“WB wanna sign The Rock for a lot of movies, even 10.”

Clearly, the studio wants to establish the antihero as one of the focal points of the resurgent franchise. Dwayne Johnson has already admitted that he wants to throw hands with Henry Cavill’s Superman down the line, and will inevitably clash with Zachary Levi’s Shazam!, but ten movies would guarantee that the anithero would be connected to almost every major storytelling development set to occur over the next few years. As one of the most famous faces on the planet that comes with built in box office appeal, you can completely understand why the studio would be keen to tie him down for so long.

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