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Your EDM Premiere: Ray Volpe – Turbo Kid

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Ray Volpe is back with his latest banger, part of a 2-track release coming out this week, “Insane/Turbo Kid.” Today, Your EDM is premiering his single “Turbo Kid,” a blistering multi-layered tune that blends bits of moombah with his iconic bass.

“Turbo Kid” starts out pretty bouncy without much sub bass to speak of, and plenty of squeaky synths. But soon enough, it transitions into a deep bass and chaotic drum sequence that is both fun and intense. After the break, it goes into an even heavier section while still bringing back the bounce. As always, Ray Volpe demonstrates how he is the master of his craft, bringing sounds together that shouldn’t work but miraculously do.

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But that isn’t even the best part of the track, as he brings in a wonderful rock solo and influence at the end to serve as outro. And though it’s short, it’s unique and the perfect ending to everything before.

Check out “Turbo Kid” from Ray Volpe below! The song will be available for free download via Ray’s SoundCloud today.

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